Episode 21: Take Back Your Brain – with author Kara Loewentheil

Take Back Your Brain – with author Kara Loewentheil

Our Guest

Kara Loewentheil

After graduating Harvard Law School, litigating reproductive rights, and running a think tank at Columbia University, Kara Loewentheil did what every Ivy League feminist lawyer should do: quit a prestigious academic career to become a life coach! Less than a decade after leaving the law, Kara has taught hundreds of thousands of women how to close the “Brain Gap” that keeps them feeling anxious and dis-empowered. Her work enables women to identify the ways that sexist social messages impact their brains and how to rewire their thought patterns to create true, authentic confidence from within. Her internationally top-ranked podcast, UnF*ck Your Brain, has been recommended by sources from The New York Times to the We Can Do Hard Things Podcast with Glennon Doyle.

The Discussion

Take Back Your Brain by Kara Loewentheil
Kara Loewentheil and her fiancé
a graphic displaying the differences between misogyny, misandry, and feminism
an artist’s illustration of the struggle against internalized misogyny, by Eleanor Gentry
examples of the Thought Ladder tool in use

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