Episode 26: Move by Move – with Grandmaster Maurice Ashley

Move by Move – with Grandmaster Maurice Ashley

Our Guest

Maurice Ashley

Maurice Ashley is an American chess player, author, and commentator. In 1999, he earned the FIDE title of Grandmaster, making him the first Black person to do so. Ashley is well known as a commentator for high profile chess events. He also spent many years teaching chess and is the author of Chess for Success, Move by Move, and a children’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Chess.

The Discussion

Move by Move by Maurice Ashley
a young Maurice Ashley (right) with family
Maurice Ashley playing chess in a NYC public park
World Chess Champion Mikhail Tal
Maurice Ashley in competition
Grandmaster Román Hernández Onna
Willie “Pops” Johnson vs. Ron Simpson (front) & Jeffrey Mitchell vs. Maurice Ashley (back)
a graph depicting the stark difference in men v women’s FIDE ratings, circa 2019
Grandmaster Ju Wenjun
The Life-Changing Magic of Chess by Maurice Ashley

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