This Week’s YouTube Episode

This Week’s Episode

Welcome to Breaking Down Patriarchy!

During Season One of this podcast, we read historical texts and laid the groundwork for understanding Patriarchal systems and how they’ve functioned in Western Civilization, mostly focused on Europe and the United States.  

During Season Two, we featured dozens of unique voices from contributors – sharing essays, personal stories, poetry, and more – each discussing aspects of Patriarchy that they’re experiencing in their lives today.

During Season Three, we read books on global gender studies and discussed them with guests. Each guest had ancestry from the country they discussed, and in many cases they will be longtime residents of that country, which means they will bring firsthand local experience to the discussion.

Now, in Season 4, Amy continues to read texts from gender studies experts around the world and discusses these texts with guests who have read – or, in many cases written – the book being discussed.

Patriarchy impacts all people, regardless of gender, all over the world. This unjust construct (defined by the dictionary as “a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it”) has caused inestimable harm throughout the centuries… and yet we learn almost nothing about it in school. Deconstructing patriarchy in our minds, our relationships, and our communities benefits everyone.

We envision a world in which all human beings are able to flourish and to reach their unique potential. We strive to include as many voices as possible, and our work is intersectional and inclusive. We are also firmly committed to the well-being of boys and men, and we enthusiastically and gratefully enlist the help of our non-female allies in creating an egalitarian world where everyone can thrive.