Episode 25: Radical Harmonies – with Dr. Dee Mosbacher & Dr. Boden Sandstrom

Radical Harmonies – with Dr. Dee Mosbacher & Dr. Boden Sandstrom

Our Guests

Dr. Dee Mosbacher & Dr. Boden Sandstrom

Dee Mosbacher, M.D. Ph.D., is a psychiatrist and an Academy Award nominated documentary filmmaker. Dr. Mosbacher has been an activist for women’s health since the early 1970’s. She has directed and/or produced a total of nine documentaries on homophobia, including Out for a Change, Addressing Homophobia in Women’s Sports, All God’s Children, De Colores, and No Secret Anymore: The Times of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon. Dee and her spouts, who is also a psychiatrist, Dr. Nanette Gartrell, worked to eliminated homophobia in the DSM. Dr. Mosbacher is the founder and president of Woman Vision, a nonprofit organizations whose mission is to promote social justice through the production of educational films and video.


Boden Sandstrom, Ph.D., was the winner of the American Musicology Society Philip Brett Award. She was a leading sound engineer on the women’s music circuit, and in 1975 she founded Woman Sound with singer Casse Culver. She toured with many performers, including Chris Williamson and Lily Tomlin, and did sound for the major women’s music festivals and concerts at the time. She has a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology, an M.S. in Audio Technology, and an M.L.S. in Library Science. Before retiring, Dr. Sandstrom was a lecturer and technical coordinator in the School of Music at the University of Maryland. 

The Discussion

cover art for Radical Harmonies (2002)
Dr. Boden Sandstrom sound mixing at a Gay Pride Parade
a still from Radical Harmonies crediting Dee Mosbacher
photo of Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, circa 1977
promotional flyer for the 21th Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, circa 1996
Meg Christian performing at the 1st Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, circa 1976

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