Episode 24: I’m Feeling Queer Today – with Alex Masse & Frankie Gunn

I'm Feeling Queer Today – with Alex Masse & Frankie Gunn

Our Guests

Alex Masse & Frankie Gunn

Alex K. Masse is a writer, musician, and communications specialist from what is colonially known as British Columbia. Their work has been seen everywhere from the Scholastic Writing Awards to Autostraddle, as well as in collaboration with Penelope Scott, Vancouver Pride, Simon Fraser University, and more. They’re also a neurodivergent nonbinary lesbian, which greatly affects their process. When not writing, they’re making music, and when not making music, they’re writing. Occasionally, though, they can be seen working on their degree, or cozied up with their cat.


Frankie Gunn is a transmasc interdisciplinary artist, musician and producer, currently working as a gardener in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. Having not attended a traditional 4 year college, Frankie has acquired an a la carte education, doing everything from hairdressing and sound engineering to farming and agriculture. The thread that ties their work together is a hands on approach and a love of all things beautiful. 

The Discussion

Alex Masse performing on stage as Fairything
artwork for I’m Feeling Queer Today, a production of The Future Perfect Project
Marissa Mayer, former CEO of Yahoo, displaying her wardrobe
a photo of a femme-presenting person trying a fake mustache in the mirror
a brief overview of the many forms of gender affirmation for transgender individuals
a brief excerpt from GenderGP’s study of regret among trans youth undergoing gender-affirming care
a promotional image for The Future Perfect Project
photos of The Future Perfect Project participants
some tips for being an ally to transgender people, per LGBTQ+ Services at MIT

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