Episode 17: Sisters in the Mirror: A History of Muslim Feminism – with Dr. Elora Shehabuddin

Sisters in the Mirror: A History of Muslim Feminism – with Dr. Elora Shehabuddin

Our Guest

Dr. Elora Shehabuddin

Dr. Elora Shehabuddin is a professor of gender and women’s studies and global studies at UC Berkeley. Previously, she was a professor of transnational Asian studies and core faculty in the Center for Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality at Rice University. Before that, she was an assistant professor of women’s studies and political science at UC Irvine. She received her BA in social studies from Harvard and her PhD in politics from Princeton. Shehabuddin is the author of many, many articles and multiple books, including the award-winning Sisters in the Mirror: A History of Muslin Women and the Politics of Global Feminism, which was published in 2021.

The Discussion

Sisters in the Mirror by Dr, Elora Shehabuddin
a 2003 New York Times article celebrating Irshad Manji as ‘Osama bin Laden’s worst nightmare’
an artist’s depiction of a 1616 visit of British nobility to the Mughal Court
an Italian man’s depiction of a harem, circa early 20th-century
a portrait of Lady Mary Montagu visiting the Ottoman Empire
an artists depiction of Nur Jahan and Mughal emperor Jahangir
playwright Delarivier Manley
an Islamic marriage contract, circa 1874
an artist’s depiction of sati, circa 1880
women practicing purdah by wearing burqas
a group of Catholic women wearing veils to Mass
Australian feminist Germaine Greer

Fox News media promoting Islamophobia, circa 2015

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