Episode 15: Militarized Masculinities – with Dr. Lisa DiGiovanni

Militarized Masculinities – with Dr. Lisa DiGiovanni

Our Guest

Dr. Lisa DiGiovanni

Dr. Lisa DiGiovanni is a professor of contemporary Spanish and Larin American literature and film at Keene State College. She has a joint appointment as Chair for the Department of Modern Languages and Culture and as a professor int he Holocaust and Genocide Studies Department. her area of expertise is the twentieth-century dictatorial violence in Spain and Chile. As a professor, she teaches introductory to advanced level courses that integrate language, literature, and film and studies state violence as social control.

The Discussion

Vladmir Putin shirtless on a horse
Francisco Franco performing a fascist salute
An American right-wing protestor wearing a t-shirt with the slogan “Pinochet did nothing wrong!”
women dancing a cueca in the music video for “They Dance Alone”
the 1973 bombing of La Moneda
photos of people disappeared during Pinochet’s regime
Trump supporters in the moments before violence. Wash, DC 2020

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