Episode 2: Women in Politics – with Mary Chung Hayashi

Women in Politics – with Mary Chung Hayashi

Our Guest

Mary Chung Hayashi

Mary Chung Hayashi is an award-winning author, national healthcare leader, and former California State Assembly member. With a distinguished career in public service, Mary has spearheaded substantial reforms in mental health services, championed gender equality, and forged powerful, unprecedented partnerships for social causes that previously had no financial or public backing. Recognized as Legislator of the Year by the American Red Cross and the California Medical Association, Mary has also been featured on Red Book’s Mothers and Shakers list and Ladies Home Journal’s Women to Watch. As principal of public policy and advocacy solutions, she has successfully advised business and policy leaders on some of today’s most complex public policy matters. Mary remains a steadfast proponent of social justice expansion and the rights of underrepresented communities.  

The Discussion

Mary Chung Hayashi with her book, Women in Politics


Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder in 1977
a photo of Vice President Harris and accompanying headline discussing her outfit
a chart demonstrating the presence of female candidates in US politics, with a sharp rise following the 2016 election. Per OpenSecrets.org
Florida’s Senate Minority Leader, Senator Book
Former California Senate Minority Leader, Senator Fuller
Mary Chung Hayashi and Tipper Gore

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